Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Before January ends I should update what I have done for my UFO Resurrection 2007. Here is lovely Jarrett...

The last time you saw Jarrett he was only a back. between that time and December he had grown front panels and then the growing had stopped. Mostly because I wasn't sure how I wanted to tackle the sleaves. I had an uneasy time with inserting Salina's sleaves and wanted Jarrett's to be better. I ended up short-rowwing them in and so far am happy with the results. Now I just have to figure out the decreases.

I have also been slowly working on Archernar

It's a great pattern and I was able to take it along to the Tuesday Knit Night at Make1 and not have to rip anything out.

Finally, I have made slight progress on Fay.

I love this sweater but I need dedicated and uninterupted knit time with it. I finished about 10 rows the other night... but honestly it's just been sitting there since I don't know when. Actually, I do... ever since Jarrett was cast on for. Hopefully soon I can finish up Jarrett and get moving on Fay.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Freshen for 2007

Nevermind my sad attempt at a title for this post.

These are some of the boxing week bargans I came home with last week. I need a fresh new colour to knit with in between working on hubby's Jarrett. I LOVE this blue! Love it! Especially after all that red and green we all dealt with. A nice fresh New Year Blue.

It's turning into a scarf... not that it's needed at the moment with this warmer than usual winter. It's going to be nice and soft. Thanks to Yvonne at cogknition for the pattern for Achernar!